Monday, March 27, 2017

*Insert Witty Subject Line That I'm Too Lazy to Think Of -March 27th, 2017

Hello again everyone! I apologize for the subject of this email haha it's been an exhausting week. 

I hope y'all have had a good week! The weather has been super nice here and has been warming up! 

This past week has just been a week of grinding (mission term.. meaning hard work). Not really much to report on honestly. We've been struggling to get our investigators fully involved and committed. So we've been focusing most of our free time on finding as much as we can. Those who are prepared to hear our message are out there! We just need to work hard enough to find them. 

Something that I wanted to share from this past week is an activity in Preach My Gospel, which is a book designed to help missionaries become better teachers. The activity is within the Christlike Attributes chapter. It's actually a little quiz that helps you gauge where you are in your progression to becoming more like Christ! I've taken the quiz multiple times throughout my mission and it's always helped me realize what exactly I should be working on! I took the test again this past week and chose another attribute that I'm lacking in and it's become my focus for the next period of time. I invite all of you to take the time to take this quiz as well! I found it on and will attach a link right here :

The purpose of this life is to progress and how can we progress if we aren't even aware of what we need to work on? I promise that as we humbly take this test and try to find ways that we can be more like Christ and draw closer to Him, we will be blessed! In that link there is a paragraph that I love, it says:
 "One of the beautiful things about the commandment to “press forward” (2 Nephi 31:20) is that it implies a process, a journey. It doesn’t say, “Arrive at perfection right now.” Pressing forward toward eternal life is a step-by-step journey. We become more like Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ by keeping covenants and striving to improve—little by little, attribute by attribute. Which Christlike attribute could you focus on?"

Well, we have a very busy week planned! Interviews, district meetings, exchanges, MLC, and General Conference! We also receive transfer instructions on Saturday so we'll see what happens with that as well. I hope y'all have a great week and enjoy conference!

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