Monday, June 6, 2016

Elder David A. Bednar = Bessemer, Alabama's Favorite Person -June 6th, 2016

Hey everyone! 

I'm running super short on time, hence the time of which this email is being sent... So I apologize for not being able to respond to each one of you personally. BUT I couldn't go without telling y'all about the truly amazing weekend we had here in Bessemer!

Each night of the weekend we had a meeting, specifically for different groups of people i.e. Youth then adults then everyone on Sunday. Honestly, words can't even describe how amazing each meeting was. Elder Bednar was accompanied by Elder Sabin of the Seventy and they both just dropped a spiritual bomb on this stake! They both talked about some very amazing things. I'll touch on one thing from each that I personally loved.

The one thing that stuck out to me most from Elder Sabin. He was talking about marriage but it definitely applies to all aspects of life. He talked about how when, in a relationship, the members of the relationship are more focused and worried about each others happiness than their own everything always works out better and it can be "magic". Its a commonly know principle and one that we normally learn while in the service of others! But its so true and simple! It's literally the key to happiness right there! When we focus on others happiness more than our own is when we're the happiest. What mainly struck me was just how simple it truly is. He told a story about one of his friends who owns a bunch of foreign car dealerships and how one day he asked him if he was happy. He has all this success and wealth but is he truly happy? His friend responded with "no, and I don't know why!" Most people in this world aren't truly happy and some don't even know why. This gospel, with all the teachings and doctrine, bring eternal salvation and endless peace and happiness. But the key to start it all off is one of the first and great commandments that we're given. "Love thy neighbor as thyself". Bang, how to be truly happy in this life, clear and simple! 

Next, the thing from Elder Bednar that stuck out to me and almost everyone else there probably haha! He talked about agency. He said how when we make a covenant (promise) with God, we no longer have regular agency. We have a thing called "Representative Agency". So because we made a very sacred promise with our Father in Heaven, we are now representatives of Him. And because of that we already covenanted to tryto act as He and His son would act. Of course, we still have our agency no matter what, but it's just a different type of agency... if that makes sense? I probably butchered what he said but I hope it still makes sense haha! If it didn't make sense, at least it's something to think about:) The whole concept was amazing though and one that hit pretty hard! 

Well anyways, those were some of the things I got out of this amazing weekend! Other than that, our week was great! It's crazy but this week is the last week of the transfer so we'll be getting calls and finding out whats happening this Saturday, so on Monday I'll let y'all know what's happening! 

I love each one of you very much and I hope y'all have a great week! 

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