Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"I Know I'm Somebody Cause God Don't Make No Junk!" -May 31st, 2016

Hey yall! 

We had an amazing week, packed full of spectacular experiences.

First we had our last Zone Conference with President and Sister Hanks. Which is where our title for this weeks email came from! Holy cow, probably the most amazing meeting of my mission! Such a spiritual experience and massive tear jerker... It was hard knowing that this would be his last Conference! The Alabama, Birmingham mission will never be the same all thanks to President and Sister Hanks. They've changed my life and so many other lives in so many ways and i'm immensely grateful for the year that I've been able to spend with them. I'm definitely sad to say goodbye to them but i'm very excited to be here when the new President gets here and to help this mission maintain it's culture of Steadfast and hard working missionaries! I'll attach a picture of our district with President and Sister Hanks after Zone Conference. 

Also, the other main event that we were able to be a part of this week was Cameron's baptism. He's the eight year old son of Nickie who was baptized this last week, and it was an amazing night. The spirit was so strong the whole time and I'm so grateful for the opportunity that I had to participate in this special step in his life. When we got out of the font, he looked at me and told me how good he felt and asked if we could go back in and do it again! They're such an amazing family. This whole experience has strengthened my testimony so much, i'm so grateful for them and everything they've taught me! Y'all have already seen a picture but i'll attach it at the end for any of you who haven't. 

Nickie also got up and bore her testimony after Cameron was confirmed a member on Sunday and It was amazing. She hates speaking in front of crowds so when we saw her walking up, we were pretty surprised! She shared a truly beautiful testimony and the spirit was so thick in the room, you could cut it with a knife. Like seriously, such an amazing weekend!

And it's only going to keep being amazing because.... drum roll please..... Elder David A. Bednar will be coming to our stake for stake conference this weekend! He'll be holding three meetings on FridaySaturday, and Sunday! So obviously, everyone is very excited for this!

Well, I think that's all I have to report on for this week! I hope each one of you has a fantastic week!

Love yall! 

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