Monday, May 2, 2016

We've Been Busier Than Mustard Trying To Ketchup! -May 2nd, 2016

Hey everyone! 

Hope y'all had a great week! Cause ours has just been crazy! I hope you enjoyed the subject haha!

I'll start off with the news you're all probably waiting for! We received our transfer calls on Saturday and.... Elder Westling will be leaving....and so will Elder Honn! Yup, you read that correctly. We're both leaving Talladega and no one will be coming to replace us. The decision was made to take Elders out of Talladega and just have the Sisters for the time being. Why? We don't know but we do know that President Hanks receives revelation from our Father in heaven for this mission and that this is what the mission needs at this moment in time! 

So, a continuation of the news! Elder Westling is being sent to serve in Ensley! And I will be heading to Bessemer! The cool thing about that is we think Elder Westling will be in my district, which will be a lot of fun! 
Bessemer is south west of Birmingham and I've heard a lot of awesome things about the area. My new companion's name is Elder Prestwich and this is only his second transfer in Alabama so I'm excited to be able to help him continue to adjust to missionary life and work our hardest together! 

Anyways, this week we've been busy cleaning and preparing our house to be left, saying goodbye to everyone and trying to fit in any last minute missionary work we could do! So it's been a crazy week! 

It was also race weekend at the Talladega Speedway so that just made everything even more crazy! So many people came from all over the world to come watch these nascar races and it was really cool to be able to be here and experience the traditions and history of race weekend in Talladega! Plus we were kept safe from the craziness so that's always a plus:) 

Sorry for how short this email is going to be... but I will be talking to y'all in six days so I don't feel too bad;) haha

I"m super excited for all this week has to hold and the new experiences I'll be having with my new companion in my new area! I'll try to send a quick email in the middle of the week with my new address so until then! 

Love you guys! 

Some pictures Elder Svenson took of the racetrack and race this past weekend! We weren't allowed to go in but we went to the track and contacted people outside of the arena! It was crazy! there as some not so great things that go along with Nascar but it was still a lot of fun and we talked to a lot of people so it was great! 

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