Monday, April 4, 2016

"Choose the Harder Right Instead of the Easier Wrong" -April 4th, 2016

Hey y'all! 

Such a great week! And what an even better weekend! 

As I'm sure most of you know, General Conference was this past week. And for those of you who don't know, General Conference is an event in the Church where, for the course of a weekend, we hear inspired messages from the leaders of our church. The main meeting is held in Salt Lake City, Utah but because of the blessing of technology we have in this era, we are able to broadcast the sessions all over the world so that members everywhere have the opportunity to watch. 

For me personally, I've loved how much my appreciation for conference has increased while on my mission. Back home I enjoyed conference weekend and the messages it brought but for the most part, I just loved being able to lay around all weekend and eat food! But during the two conferences that I've been on my mission for I've really developed a sincere love and appreciation for Conference and all that it offers. It truly does provide a much needed spiritual reboot and I'm so grateful for it! I loved so many of the talks and can't wait to apply the principles taught more fully into my life. 

I challenge everyone to re-read the conference talks and to continue to study the inspired messages from this past weekend. 

One of my personal favorite messages that was shared this past weekend was one by the living Prophet, Thomas S. Monson. He spoke about making choices and said this "Choose the Harder Right Instead of the Easier Wrong". I loved his talk and especially that message. In this life we all make decision. Most of us have made the decision to be members of this church, which is not an easy thing! We hold ourselves to a higher standard and try our hardest to keep our lives in line with the teachings of Christ. While pondering about this message I was reminded about one of my favorite mormon messages by Henry B. Eyring called "Choose this day". 

I promise all of you that as you continue to be courageous and choose the harder right (and by doing so, choose to serve Him!) you will be blessed! I'm definitely not saying it will be easy but I promise it will be worth it. The lord will see us making the right decisions and be with us to provide comfort and ease our burdens. And these things I say in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 


Elder Honn

Pictures from a hike to Mount Cheaha!

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