Monday, March 28, 2016

A Week Full of Hallelujah! -March 28th, 2016

How y'all doin??

What a week!

Elder Westling and I didn't have a whole ton of random things we had to get done so we were able to do some really great work! We've been continuing our hunt for all the less active members in our branch and we've seen some amazing blessing come from it! We've also had some pretty entertaining experiences haha!

I hope all of you had an amazing Easter weekend as well! This past week we shared our Easter message with as many people as we could and I loved it! Our message was so well received. One of the many blessing of serving in the South, most people are happy to talk about our Savior! And this week it was really just amplified. It truly was a week full of proclaiming Hallelujah.

This week we also went on an exchange with our Zone Leaders and I got to stay in Talladega with Elder Neser! We had a pretty cool experience that I thought I'd share with y'all.

Elder Neser is a Spanish speaking missionary and we had originally planned the exchange so that Elder Neser could come with me to teach a Cuban family that we met. Sadly right before our appointment they cancelled....we were originally pretty disappointed BUT we decided to still have an awesome night and work hard! We were talking and decided that we weren't going to waste Elder Neser's gift of speaking Spanish that he has been given so he offered a beautiful prayer, in Spanish, that we would be able to find and teach some Hispanics in Talladega. We then remembered that we had seen, what we thought was, a Hispanic child holding a yard sale. So we headed back that way and knocked on their door. The kid answered and invited us in! His family was sitting at the dinner table eating but invited us to come in and sit down with them! (doesn't happen a whole lot) They ended up not being Hispanic but we still had an amazing discussion with them and shared the church's Easter video! They loved it and said that if we ever needed a place to rest or a meal that we could come to their home! Such a lovely family and I'm very grateful to have been led back to them so that we could share the gospel with their family.

We then had another appointment to teach someone. Then after that we were heading home and I realized we still hadn't talked to any Hispanics! We had five minutes before our main curfew so we ran to Walmart! We walked in the main doors and low and behold a Hispanic family of six! Elder Neser stopped and talked to them and they were really friendly and nice! I obviously had hardly any idea what was being said but he told me it went really well and they wanted us to come to their home and teach them! So we have a follow up appointment with them this Saturday! We also went and walked around the whole store and found that they were the only Hispanics in there! And they were on their way out.

So I wanted to share this experience with y'all to testify that our prayers, no matter how simple, are answered! It might not be in the way that we were expecting and it might not be when we thought it would happen, but they are answered. Why? Because our Father in Heaven loves us so much and all he wants to do is bless us, if we will just turn to him and ask for guidance and help. I council everyone to take his out stretched arm and communicate with our Father in Heaven and involve Him in our lives.

I hope y'all have a great week and I'll talk to you next Monday!


Elder Honn

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