Monday, March 14, 2016

A Blessing Named Zak -March 14th, 2016

What's up y'all! 

I hope each one of you had a great week! Especially my Pops! Who, as most of you know, celebrated his 50th birthday this past week! From what I hear you had a great day and I'm very happy you enjoyed your package! Sorry, it was a little late.. we've had a hectic week haha! 

I'm a little pressed for time today because we had a zone activity today! So I'm very sorry but I won't be able to reply to yalls emails today but I definitely will next week!:)  We all went to the Civil Rights Institute in downtown Birmingham! It was such a cool place and I actually learned a lot. It was really cool to learn about the history of Alabama and it gave me a lot of respect for the people who had to go through those horrible times. Martin Luther King Jr is now one of my heroes! 

Anyways, what I mainly wanted to talk about this week was, just like the title says, a blessing named Zak. So three weeks ago, Elder Westling and I received a phone call from our Branch President and he told us show he had this boy name Zak in his office asking to be baptized! Elder Westling and I were so caught off guard and surprised but amidst our excitement and aw we were able to set up an appointment with him to go to his house and teach him! Zak is 14 and has two friends in our branch that have been fellowshipping him and inviting him to mutual each week. And as these past three weeks went by we were able to teach him all the lesson, and have him attend church each week! Then on Saturday night we had the immense blessing and opportunity to participate and perform Zak's baptism. He had been so excited to be baptized since the first time we met him and the night definitely lived up to his expectations. Everything went perfectly and It was such an amazing night. I had the opportunity to be the one to baptize Zak and Elder Westling was the one to confirm him a member and give him the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday in church. 

Wow. Word's can't even express how amazing it felt to be a tool in the Lords hands and help someone fully accept Christ and follow in his footsteps by being baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost. It was such a spiritual night and was one that I will never forget. His whole family who are not members came as well to support him and they all loved it! It was very special to see them being touched by the spirit as they watched their son make the step closer to Christ and be symbolically reborn. 

I am SO grateful for this opportunity that I have to be in Alabama, serving our Lord and Savior and helping others come closer to Him. This gospel is perfect and so beautiful and word's can't express how grateful I am to be a member of His true church. 

I love you all so much and I'll talk to you next week! 


Elder Honn

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