Monday, March 7, 2016

Boot Number Two! -March 7th, 2016

What's up everyone!

What a week! Just so busy, all week long!

We started out the week by doing a ton of great service for a couple people. Holy cow, I've never raked more leaves in my life! We filled at least 20 garbage bags full of leaves and that was only their front lawn! We'll go back sometime this week and attack the back haha!

Then I had the immense privilege of driving down to Birmingham and getting surgery on my toe! I won't go into any graphic details about it but lets just say it was pretty gross... Basically he just gave me a BUNCH of shots in my toe (made my toe about the size of a tennis ball), then made some cuts, then gave a couple pulls and there ya go! My toenail is now quite a bit smaller than it was! haha after that he put this acid stuff on the skin to kill the toenail and stop it from growing back so that the ingrown toenail wouldn't make a reappearance. He gave me some medication, some ointment, a medical shoe and sent me on my way!

We had a pretty cool experience though before the actual surgery. The doctor who had been talking to me and taking care of me had also been asking a lot of questions about what we do as missionaries and about the church. Elder Westling and I had the opportunity to answer a lot of his questions and help him learn more about the gospel. Then before the surgery started he said "As you know, we should never do anything without involving the Lord, so lets pray". He asked Elder Westling to say it and we all held hands as I laid on the medical chair and they stood on both sides of me. Elder Westling offered a very humble and powerful prayer and brought the spirit into the room very strongly. After the Doctor thanked him and told him how beautiful of a prayer it was. Then after the surgery he expressed how it was an honor for him to meet us and to spend time with us. He expressed how the world needs more young men like us and how he was very grateful for everything we were doing. It was such a great experience and I'm very grateful for the opportunity that we had to meet him and help him come closer to Christ, even in a small way.

The rest of the week was really great as well. We had our monthly zone training and it was amazing. We were taught a lot about baptism and making sure that we make that a main focus in our teaching.

We then had the privilege of attending a baptism of a new member into the Anniston Ward. It was a real blessing and privilege to be able to witness a man making the next step to coming closer to Christ. And also to be able to see his non member family all supporting him and watching them be touched by the spirit as they witnessed him be immersed in the water and be symbolically reborn. I'm SO grateful to be a member of this church; Jesus Christ's church on the earth today. I'm so grateful for the peace, happiness, and comfort that this gospel has brought into my life. I know that this gospel blesses peoples lives in ways unimaginable, and I know that as we all endure to the end and try our hardest to be steadfast in Christ that the results will be remarkable.

I love y'all and hope each of you have a great week!


Elder Honn

Steadfast in Christ!

Pictures: A picture of our awesome zone after training this week! And a lovely pic of my new and highly fashionable footwear that I've been rocking this week. Hence the subject of this email.... my second boot/medical shoe thingy that I've had to wear while on my mission... just lovely;)

The bottom two pictures are ones that dear members serving around Elder Honn sent us!

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