Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Another week bites the dust! -May 9th, 2017

Hey, it's me again... back to report on another week here in Gadsden! 

I can't remember if I've used that title for an email before.. it feels familiar but hopefully not haha can't remember at this point... too many weekly emails...

Elder Gwira and I are continuing to give it our all to make Gadsden a thriving area again. This week we received a handful of referrals! So basically Heavenly Father threw us a bone for our efforts the last few weeks haha things are coming along! 

We also got a random text from somebody that neither of us know but that the missionaries used to teach a while back this week! So we've been in contact with them and will hopefully start to teach them this week. All the prayers and fasting from y'all are really paying off... I appreciate it so much! 
The love and support that I've received throughout my mission is truly amazing and words can't describe what it's done for me. Its the little emails or letters that help keep me going and working my hardest! So thank you to everyone who's reached out to me. 

Honestly, not much else to report on from this past week! Tuesday was Elder Gwira's birthday so we decorated out apartment and surprised him in the morning with presents and a good southern breakfast! We also went to lunch at his favorite place and had dinner with some amazing members who got him cake! He told me it was his first birthday he's celebrated in 15 years! So I'm very grateful i was able to spend it with him and help make it a day to remember for him. Shout out to my mama for being the best and making his day with the package and cards and what not:) 

Well, sorry this email was short and not too exciting... procrastinated writing it and ran out of time haha it'll be better next week, i promise! 

Love y'all! 

Pic: The Gadsden Squad at dinner with an awesome family in our ward. 

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