Monday, August 8, 2016

Week of Meetings -August 8th, 2016

Hey Everyone!

Not much to report this week really. We had MLC, preparing for Zone training, and then Zone Training this week so we had a lot of random stuff we had to take care of. It was still a great week though and Zone Training went really well! It was a ton of fun and we had some great spiritual experiences as well. 

We also were able to squeeze in some great lessons with most of our investigators. We have one investigator specifically, who amazed Elder Diede and I this week. We assigned her to read 2 Nephi 31 the previous visit. We come and she pulls out this paper and unfolds it. She drew the gospel of Jesus Christ! There were quotes and scripture references and everything! Elder Diede and I were both speechless and amazed. Her name is Rhonda and she is progressing very well. She gave us her drawing and it is proudly hanging on our fridge in the apartment! We're very excited about her progression. 

Sorry for such a short email and the lack of pictures recently... Next week will be better, I promise! 

Talk to y'all later!

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