Monday, August 29, 2016

Another Week of Serving the Lord! -August 29th, 2016

Happy Monday Everyone! 

I know that in real life, most people dread Mondays but interestingly enough, I've come to love Monday because I get to talk to all the people that I love! 

This past week was another good week! We spent sometime in both Florence and Booneville this week. We had some great experiences with the other missionaries. 

This coming week we've got MLC, Zone Training, and transfer calls on Saturday. So we've got a pretty packed week planned! It'll be good though. 

Fun side comment; This past week we had a competition between all the missionaries in our ward. So the sister, another set of elders and us. We had a competition to see who could have the most meal appointments aka who was loved the most by the ward;) The other elders had five, the sisters had seven, and we took the trophy with 12! It was a ton of fun buts lets just say we're very full and considering a week long fast right now;) I'm really loving this ward though and all the people in it. We're very blessed here in Russellville. 

I don't have a whole ton more to report this week so I'll probably call that good! I'll include some pics though for your viewing pleasure:) 

Love y'all

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