Monday, February 1, 2016

Transfers Again? -February 1st, 2016

Hey everyone! 

Dang, this last 7 weeks/transfer feels like it's flown by! But none the less, we did have transfer calls this past Saturday! The news is that Elder Shurtz will be leaving and going to Mississippi, and I will be staying in Talladega. My new companion will be Elder Westling. I've heard a lot about him and apparently he's a pretty funny guy so I'm looking forward to meeting and getting to know him! 

So normally, I wouldn't know my new companion or where Elder Shurtz was going until Wednesday of this week but about a month ago the decision was made by the leaders of the church to stop doing transfer meetings completely in all the missions. So now they're trying to figure out a new way to do Transfers and this time involved just telling us who our new companion will be and where we will be going! So there ya go, now y'all don't have to wait a week to hear who my new companion is or where I'll be going! 

This week we were able to teach quite a few amazing lessons. I feel like that's kind of been the subject of this transfer; being able to teach lessons! Such a blessing.

This week especially though I've really noticed an increase in the power of the spirit that I've had with me. Its been such a huge blessing. For a while, at the beginning of my mission, I was really wondering how I receive personal revelation and this week really helped me to begin to understand and grasp just how the spirit speaks to me and guides me. For a while I've been making a huge effort to be the best missionary that He wants me to be and this week I really saw the blessings from that effort. I'm so grateful for this opportunity that I have to be a tool in the Lords hands to bring about this great work. 

This week Elder Shurtz and I also had a couple of amazing visits with David. We had a lesson with him about the Word of Wisdom at the beginning of the week then at the end of the week we met with him again. He told us how he had really thought about everything we taught him and how when he got home he had taken every one of his packs of cigarettes and ripped them all in half! He said he's done with them and is happy he wont have to spend so much money on them each day. That was so amazing to hear and such a miracle to see the change in him. Seriously, it takes some people months or years to quite smoking! I know that it is only through the power of our Savior that he was able to quite smoking cold turkey. And I have full faith that he will find strength in and through the Savior to be able to persevere and continue on this path of better living. 

I'm excited for all this week has to hold and for the new experiences I'll be having! Talladega has so much potential and I look forward to being able to further the Lords work in this area. 

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!:)


Elder Honn

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