Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tracting, Tracting, More Tracting and the Temple! -December 7th, 2015

Hey everyone! 

This week not a whole lot happened! Just like the subject says, we spent most of our week tracting and trying to find people to teach. Which is what most of this transfer has been... but this week it felt like that's all we did! But that's okay, its what you've gotta do to find the people that are prepared here in Alabama! 

Other than that, this week we had the immense privileged of attending the Birmingham temple again. You guys, I love the temple so much. Its beautiful and always such an amazing experience. I would challenge any of you that are able to attend the temple, to go as often as you can. I promise that it will bless your life and help bring you closer to Christ. It's the biggest blessing that I get to attend the temple every couple months and I'm so grateful for it! I'll attach some pictures from the trip:)

Back to tracting, we had quite a few funny experiences this week while knocking doors! 

In Alabama there's a thing where people will yell through their doors and not even open the doors haha! And the phrase that is usually said is "Who it is??" haha It's just hilarious how it normally goes down! So we'll knock on the door and they'll say "Who it is??" and we'll be like "the missionaries!" and they'll be like "who?" and we'll say it again then in the end they'll just end up opening the door because its almost impossible to talk through a door... obviously... 

Then another weird experience is we were tracting and knocked on a door and the person answered and we talked to them and they weren't super nice and declined our invitation to teach them. But as we were walking away, the guy shouted "Hey! Y'all want some candy?" and obviously at first I was a little sketched out haha! But I was like um sure... so we went back and he pulls out this random bag of candy that was unopened and said it was leftovers from Halloween...haha so we took it! And for a while we were tracting and my companion was just holding a big bag of candy... it looked pretty weird so I was decided we were going to use this candy to get into a door and teach somebody! And we did! haha we knocked on the door of a lady and I told her about the candy and she told us she was a teacher at an Elementary school and would love the candy! So she let us in and we gave her a message (she turned out being baptist) and also gave her the bag of candy for her students! Haha it was awesome and we probably wouldn't have gotten into her home if it wasn't for the candy. 

Anyways, those were just a few of the funny experiences we've had while tracting! I've learned to really enjoy tracting solely because of the funny experiences that we have haha!

Anyways, sorry this email wan't full of spiritual experiences but I hope you enjoyed hearing about a couple of interesting experiences we had while tracting this week:) 

I hope you all have a great week and I'll talk to y'all next Monday


Elder Honn

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