Friday, August 7, 2015

Suprise! -August 7th, 2015

Hey! Bet you weren't expecting this! haha so apparently our p-days are on fridays while i'm in the MTC, so this Friday and then next Friday then after that its should be Mondays

Wow, i don't even know where to start! Everything has been pretty crazy! I guess ill just start from when you guys dropped me off! So i was ushered around a whole lot of places, getting my name tags(which i love) and a whole bunch of other books and papers. I was then shown where my room was and taken to my class. This is my main class where we are throughout the day, and its kinda like our home base. We have two RM sisters that are our teachers and kinda lead us in lessons and discussions. After a while my MTC companion came into the classroom and i got to meet him! His name is Elder Rosenow and he's pretty great. He's a little shy but only when there are more people around than just him and I. He's a tiny bit taller than me and he's pretty skinny but he has the softest spirit and one of the first things he told me was that he was a cryer haha! I told him my mom was too and that i was used to it!;) Elder Rosenow is serving in the Irvine, California mission along with two other missionaries in our district. Our district consists of me and my companionship, two other elder companionships and two sister companionships. So there are six elders and four sisters! Two of the other elders are also going to California with elder Rosenow and the other two are going to Alabama with me! Elder Muaka and Elder Briscoe are also serving in Alabama! So basically me and my companion were probably extras so they just stuck us together even though we're not going to the same mission. But i'm grateful we were stuck together because i fully know why. I was called last night as the senior companion and I had a feeling that would happen since the first night. Elder Rosenow is awesome and has an amazing testimony but he lacks the confidence in himself to trust what he's saying. So I know that we were made companions so that i could help him, the best that I can, to feel more confident in himself and the spirit and kinda break out of his shell. Its only been two days but his teaching has already improved so much and he's letting the spirit guide him and tell him what to say. Its awesome! The rest of the first day was kinda a blur to be honest, but we had a mini get to know you/testimony meeting at night and it was great! 

The second day was better and less hectic! The first day everyone said that we looked like deer in headlights and I don't doubt it at all. There was a lot to take in! But the second day was easier. We had a bunch of classes and discussion and they were all great! I actually led an hour discussion with just our districts and no teachers. It was great and everyone's testimonies grew. The rest of the day was really more amazing classes. We did some role-play with other missionaries and practiced asking people if they would be baptized during the first lesson, and we practiced what we would say if they said no! If they said no then they had to have a reason and we would have to teach by the spirit and try to fix or reassure them about their issue with being baptized. It was great, and even though it was just role playing the spirit was so strong! The spirit had been strong pretty much 24/7! besides when immature missionaries are running around the but i've been practicing my patience! Waking up early has been hard and i've pretty much been tired since i got here! haha but i know that it will get easier if i obey and throw myself out of bed every morning at 6:30! The food has been good but i haven't really been too hungry yet... my body is probably still adjusting to everything. So much has been happening but everyone says that things should calm down today. Today is our p-day but not really cause we only have p-day until 12 then its back to classes and what not. So its basically just a break where we can write home and do laundry... My gray pants actually ripped a tiny bit yesterday! So im gonna try to figure out how to stitch that up today also ahah. 

Its only been two days but i've already learned so much and I just cant wait to get out into the field and start teaching the Lords gospel!! Ill try to email everyone as much as possible but we only have an hour and although that may sound like a long time, its really not when you're writing! I miss you guys already and really appreciate the letters so far. It was hard yesterday because i was so tired and when i'm tired i get easily emotional and i had to kinda hold everything in while i read the letters because i was surrounded by other missionaries that were just hanging out. Haha but i managed to do that and they were great! I don't really know how to go about writing everyone... i'm gonna try to respond to everyone individually and write my weekly report in a main letter.
Im praying for all of you and i appreciate all the prayers for me! Im really gonna need them haha

Elder Honn

*If you would like to send Elder Honn a Dear Elder letter (which are delivered every day to the MTC!) His unit number is 225 :) Thank you for supporting our Elder!

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