Friday, August 14, 2015

Last Few Days in the MTC! -August 14th, 2015

        What's up?! Its finally P-Day again! The end of last week felt sooo slow but as soon as you hit Sunday the time just go by so quickly! The days feel very very long though no matter what... its probably because they are! Hahah we wake up at 6:30 everyday and get to bed around 11 every night... So the days are very long and the nights are very short. Which has been hard but i've found that as long as i'm feeling the spirit and being anxiously engaged in what we're learning about, then I don't have issues staying awake! It's been a huge blessing because I was really struggling with being tired earlier on in the week and as a district we talked about how we can literally give any of our burdens to Christ and if we have faith he will make those burdens lighter! So as a district we all knelt down and prayed and asked heavenly father to take this tiredness from us so that we could be more receptive to the spirit and be able to focus more on His work. Literally as soon as I said amen, I wasn't tired anymore. It was absolutely amazing! 

      All throughout the week, i've learned so much its amazing! You guys wouldn't believe how much you can learn when you're being guided by the spirit and doing the Lord's work! Through the Lord, anything is possible! We spend a lot of time in our class throughout the day. Either having discussions or being taught by our two amazing teachers. Our teachers are sister McManama, and Sister Kline, and they're so amazing. They have helped me and everyone so much throughout the week. They're both returned missionaries and have amazing testimonies and experiences! 

     Earlier in the week everyone in my district was struggling with something and we all felt prompted to stop our discussion and offer everyone blessings. We gave about 7 blessings at that time and it was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. The elders would bless their companions and the sisters would ask an elder to bless them. Elder Rosenow asked if I would give him a blessing and I was so happy, because I knew he had been struggling with quite a lot of things. I cannot explain in words the feeling of the spirit in that room, even before i gave Elder Rosenow his blessing. The blessing that I gave was about 6-7 minutes long and it talked about so many things that he needed to hear. But what I want to focus on is the feeling that I had while giving the blessing. This blessing was the most physically real encounter that i've had with the spirit in my life. It talks about how in the scripture that at times the spirit would be so strong that your frame would literally shake. And I experienced this. You all might be thinking that this was just nerves, but I was completely calm and my hands were completely still. I know that this was truly the spirit physically working through me, to tell me the words to say, to bless Elder Rosenow in his struggles. 

     I've had so many spiritual experiences throughout the week, its been so amazing and such a blessing! At the beginning of the week we started this thing called TRC which is were people volunteer to act as investigators for the missionaries to teach. Our companionship's investigators are Lisa and Elsie! They're both amazing! Elsie is about 22 and super nice. Lisa is in her 60's and is the sweetest lady ever! TRC is basically super realistic role playing. Both of investigators act as investigators and never brake character. So all throughout the week we've been teaching them and helping them learn the lessons. We've had a harder time teaching Elsie because she doesn't give much feedback since she is shy and closed off. We came up with some awesome questions that would force a normal person to talk for a while and open up but somehow Elsie always figures out how to give us, at most, a ten word answer. Which is hard because we need her involvement to let the spirit touch her and help her learn. But she's accepting everything we teach her and is apparently understanding it all! 

    Lisa is the exact opposite. Every time we've taught her its been so spiritual and been such an amazing experience! When we first met her we bonded super quickly and came to love her so much in the first 30 minute lesson. And every since then I look forward to teaching her every day, and all I want to do is teach her and help her come closer to Christ. I could talk forever about the feelings that we've been having but I don't have very long to email. Basically, every lesson has been packed with the spirit and has been so amazing! She has such amazing questions and the spirit basically just completely takes over and teaches her what she needs. Its been amazing every lesson. And has truly changed my life. And last night was so spiritual again and i felt prompted to invite her to be baptized and she said yes! It was amazing and we were all balling because the spirit was so strong! As we were walking back to our dorm, I started getting emotional again because even though this TRC is just role plying, this is what i'll be doing out in Alabama, in real life, and I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. The Lord will be using me to change peoples lives and thats all I want to do in life! I'll talk more about our TRC experiences when I actually get to the field and have more time to write! 

    It's our first real P-Day today which mean we get to go to the temple! We're all so excited, and i've been waiting all week for this! Thank you so much for all the letters, emails and support. You guys, its means the world to me. Its so nice to come back to the dorm after a long day and have a letter from one of you telling me about stuff. Please do not feel bad for writing so much or for writing long letters! I love it so much and its been a huge blessing while i've been here!! I want to hear about anything and everything! I'm just sorry I don't have time to reply and respond to everything that you guys tell me about! I'm keeping all the dear elders and maybe ill have time to reply to them when i get into the field! 

Cami- i'm so excited for you and Peter! I've been praying for you and hope everything goes well as you make this huge transition in your life. 

Faith- That was an awesome thought! Ive been praying for you as you do registration and get ready for a new school and go into volleyball! I know everyone there will love you and I do too!

Mom and dad- As always there is so much i have to say to you guys but no time to do it!:( Thank you for all the letters and thoughts and everything you have said and done for me! The pictures were great and thank you for sending my oil and my blessing! Like i said earlier i'll be able to reply more personally when i get into the field! But please don't stop writing me! I LOVE hearing from everyone!

Everyone else- I love you all and have been praying for you all! I really appreciate all the support and kindness you've all shown me! Its given me so much motivation to keep working and never give up! You're all amazing and i promise i'll reply to you all individually when I have more time in Alabama!

Speaking of Alabama I leave on Tuesday morning!! Crazy, I know! But because i'm leaving I get to call home so be expecting a call sometime in the morning! I'll try to do it when I get to Atlanta so i'm not calling you guys so early! I don't know the schedule though so it might be before I leave salt lake! 

I'm so excited to get out there and start teaching real people! The MTC has been great and i've learned so much but I just want to be in Alabama, doing the Lords work!! 

The computers aren't working and won't let me attach pictures so i'll have to send a bunch next week:(

Love you guys so much! 

Elder Honn

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