Monday, April 10, 2017

Grinding in Gadsden -April 10th, 2017

hello everyone! Hope you've all had a great week:) 

As you know, this past week was a bit hectic! On Tuesday we had Zone Training, the last one that I had to prepare, and it went well! Our Zone was great and i miss all the amazing missionaries that I was able to serve. On Wednesday was transfers and that was crazy! That day we had a massive storm covering the whole south. Thunder, tornado warnings, the whole nine yards! But a miracle occurred and the rain stopped just as everyone had to move their luggage. Elder Gwira and I then drove an hour up to Gadsden in the rain. 

Elder Gwira is awesome! Like i said he's from Ghana but he lived in D.C for a few years before his mission. He's a great missionary with a ton of potential! He's been on his mission for about five months so I'm really excited to be around him and feed off of his freshness and energy. 

Gadsden is a great area! It's surrounded by rivers and hills which makes it beautiful. It's currently a biking/walking area because of some different reasons but we're making the most of what we've got! Aka houses... Which is what we've spent most of our days doing, knocking houses! Elder Gwira and his last companion were doubled into the area so they had to start fresh, they did a lot of tracting and found hardly any success so we're still starting fresh haha! It's a difficult situation because we're trying to get this area going but without a car and due to our location we're having a hard time with it. All we have is houses within a two mile radius so we're trying to figure out a different way to attack this. This is all new to me too because I've always had a car in each area so I'm learning on the fly as well. It's a big project but I'm excited to be able to end my mission on a note like this. 

This ward is great too! It's a small ward but it's full of very nice and welcoming people who love the missionaries. Quite a few missionaries who I've been close to have actually served here as well so it's been cool to talk to the ward about them. Oh yeah! My bishop has actually lived in Hawaii as well! He was the softball coach at BYUH. We went to dinner there last night and had a ton to talk about. His name is Bishop Allred and he knew a ton of the people from our ward. Such a small world!  

Also... i have pics but just realized that I forgot my camera cord at the apartment so they might have to wait til next week... Sorry!:/ 

Well, that's all I've got. Talk to y'all next week! 

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