Monday, April 24, 2017

Automobile Antics - August 24th, 2017

Happy Monday everyone! Another week has passed and another weekly email is here. 

This past week was good. We're able to do a ton more stuff with a car! We did quite a lot of service actually! We volunteered at the local library and a cool museum in downtown gadsden! We also worked on a few different peoples yards which obviously is a ton of fun! Workin' on my farmers tan;) haha for one yard we had to transport a lawn mower in the back of our car, and since it's so new and nice we took every precaution we could to make sure it wouldn't hurt the car.... I'll attach some pics:) btw we succeed and didn't harm the car.

We actually had quite a lot of success with finding less actives this week! Our ward has over 700 people in it and only around 100 are active so there's so much work to do in this area with those who have fallen astray! We've recently been working with the Dukes family who are less active and have a couple of unbaptized children. They're an awesome family and we're excited to help them on their journey back to activity.

Y'all probably remember Elder Opare who was a previous companion of mine, well he served here in gadsden as his first area! And this past week we actually found a couple teenage boys who he baptized that had gone astray. We're also working with them now! 

So as you can tell we're really excited for this area and the people that we've been finding. The power of a car is pretty amazing and has been such a blessing! ... one that i definitely didn't fully appreciate for most of my mission.

Other than that, this week we had the first district meeting of the transfer! It was great. We've started making the training's in meeting more of a discussion set up, similar to Sunday school and what not, and I like it a lot! I really focused on having the other elders in our district be involved and lead most of the discussions. We have a few potential leaders in this district so I wanted them to get as many chances to prepare as possible! I took the main discussion which president wanted us to have which was about baptism! Basically just making sure everyone understand all the small things that go into making a baptism successful! I thought it was a really great meeting!

After district meeting Elder Gwira and I walked out to our car and found that we had a completely flat tire! So I got to teach him how to change a tire haha it was hot and we got sweaty but it was fun haha I'll attach some pics of that as well! 

Well anyways, that's all i've got for this week! I'll talk to y'all again soon:)

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