Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Might as well just give me a calling in the ward... -February 21st, 2017

Hello hello! It's me again... I bet you're all probably sick of these weekly emails by now haha I don't even know how many I've sent but it feels like too many! But don't worry... there's not too many left;) 

Well! This past week was good! I can only remember chunks of it so I'll tell you about what I remember haha 

We held Zone Training on Tuesday and it went really well! All the trainings were great and the zone really loved it. Everyone seemed especially tired that day but there was still good participation! We had a special training from a legend here in the Montgomery Stake, President Memory. He served his mission in Alabama and also served in the mission Presidency later in his life and now lives here and does a ton for the missionary work in this stake. Anyways, he trained us on the events in Christs life leading up to his crucifixion from each of the different gospels. He brought and set up this whole demonstrations of what the last supper actually was like and it was fascinating. He had Elder Coleman and I demonstrate how Jesus and the Disciples actually sat around the table. haha I'll attach the picture that someone sneakily took from the audience.

Directly after ZTraining we headed up to Birmingham and had an exchange with some Elders up there. I got to spend time with Elder Diede again and it was a great day! He's still doing great. 

The rest of the week was spent with our investigators and finding. We went out to eat with Jared and spent some time with him and he came to church on Sunday! Then last night we went and spent time with him and Lacey. Such great people! 

We also received transfer news on Saturday and found out that I'm staying another transfer here in Prattville and that both my companions are leaving! haha was not expecting that... but I know that President Sainsbury is inspired and that the Lord wants me to be here for another six weeks. I've just got to work my hardest to not slip into the comfort zone! This means that I'll be in this area for 7 1/2 months... and as my title says, they might as well have just given me a calling at this point haha!
Going to miss my boys here in the Inverted Oreo though, it's been a great transfer together! I'll attach our last pic together with the amazing Mama Fenn who I'm very happy that I won't be leaving just yet. 

Well, that's all I've got for this week! Love y'all! 

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