Monday, February 13, 2017

Meetings and More Meetings! -February 13, 2017

Hello again! How was yalls week? 

This week was very busy for us. We had a meeting everyday... literally! Tuesday was MLC, Wednesday was district meeting for one of the districts in our Zone, Thursday we had interviews with President, Friday was another district meeting for the other district in our zone, and Saturday... well, I'll talk about Saturday later. 

So as you can tell our week was definitely full. We were still able to fit in a lot of good work though! We met a ton of great people that we're going to start working with, including a 14 year old boy who was baptized last year but then dropped off the face of the earth. We found him in the ghetto playing basketball! We didn't know it was him but we went over and started playing with a few guys and he said he was a member! He came to church yesterday too! So we're going to continue to work on getting him back involved and he also has a friend who is interested as well that we're going to try to start teaching! 

Anyways, back to Saturday. TJ's baptism went through and it was a great day! It wasn't your average baptism though haha when he decided he wanted to be baptized he said in his words "Just dunk me and we'll come back and eat steak." Haha so basically he went on to say that he didn't really want a service... he didn't want the talks or the other stuff and he wanted it to be a private thing. So that's what we did! There were I think like six of the closest members to him, including President and Sister Sainsbury, and we said an opening prayer, did the baptism, then said a closing! That simple. It wasn't the baptism that i'm used to but it was still an amazing experience that focused on the pure, simple, beauty of baptism. I'm very grateful for the opportunity that i've had to know Tj and watch him make the incredible change from atheist the LDS, It's been a huge testimony strengthener for me. I'll attach a picture that we took with his favorite picture in the church haha the hallways were small so ignore the closeness of the picture.

Today's been great as well. We had a zone activity and played Capture the Flag in the bamboo forest in Prattville. It was a blast and nobody got hurt too bad so I'd say it was a successful activity! I'll attach a picture of that as well. BTW the Elder that's poking his head out from behind a few sisters on the top right is Elder Craddock. Apparently Elder Craddock's grandparents just fed Elder Phillips who is a close friend that's killing it on his mission in Spain! Such a small world... Shout out to my boy across the pond, love you man! 

That's all I've got for this week, love yall! 

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