Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Service, Zone Conference, Baptism and Food! -February 7th, 2017

Hello again! How was y'alls week? I wonder if weeks fly for y'all like they do for me... it's crazy! 

We started out this past week with a ton of service! On Tuesday we helped paint somebodies new home that they are moving into. It's crazy how many different skills you learn on a mission haha carpentry, painting, how to maneuver a massive piece of furniture out of a considerably smaller door, etc. Cool stuff haha 

We also began a serious project at an older less active lady's home. Hasn't been cleaned in years, has more cats than the stripling warriors, and hates to throw things away... So needless to say, the six missionaries and I had our hands full! But we attacked quite a big chunk of the project and were able to help her a lot. The only struggle is that in this area they won't take garbage unless it's actually in the big garbage bin outside. We threw away quite a lot of stuff so measures had to be taken in order to fit everything in the garbage... I'll attach a picture of me doing what had to be done. haha enjoy:)

The rest of our week included a great Zone Conference! Elder Butterfield, Elder Coleman and I were able to train on helping members be involved in an investigators conversion. It went really well and the rest of the training's were great also. 

Also, TJ's baptism is still set for this Saturday and we're really excited for him and all the changes he's making in his life. Jared and lacy are still doing really well and we're meeting with them tonight for dinner and a lesson:) This past week we met and started teaching a new family who are awesome! Crazy thing too is that the mother is actually from England! So we had a lot to talk about. And we're going back there the end of this week to meet with them again and also have dinner. I don't know why but i guess people just enjoy feeding us or something haha even non members! 

Speaking of food, I'll attach a picture of a lunch we had this past week that I was pretty proud of:) Stuffed bell peppers.... 

Anyways, that's all I've got for this past week! We've got a very busy upcoming week so we'll see how everything goes! I'll talk to y'all later! 

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