Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"Those who know do, those who understand, teach." -January 19th, 2016

Hey everyone! How y'all doing?

This past week was really good! It felt pretty long but we were able to stay busy the whole time so that was awesome.

We've been really blessed this transfer to be able to teach quite a lot. Which has been amazing and I've learned a lot from it. Hence the title of this letter. This week we definitely accomplished our responsibility as missionaries to teach!

We had a couple experiences teaching this week where the spirit was just so strong that I'll share.

The first was with an investigator named Alyssa. We brought the Sisters with us to help fellowship her and make her feel more comfortable and it went really well! The Sisters connected so well with her that we were able to have a really good time together. And when the lesson came (we actually did the lesson in a fast food restaurant haha) the spirit was so strong. The Sisters are very good teachers and missionaries and did a really good job bringing the spirit into the lesson even when we were in a fast food restaurant. It was really perfect too because as soon as they started teaching, the whole restaurant kind of got quiet and peaceful, it was really cool.

The second experience was with another investigator named David, who the Sisters have been teaching. Elder Shurtz and I took a member with us and the spirit was so strong the whole time we were in his home. Everything we taught, David was just loving and eating it up. David's story is very amazing and he has made leaps and bounds of progress in coming closer to Christ in the past couple of years. Anyways, while we were teaching we asked the member to share his testimony and conversion story and it was very touching. It went along perfectly with the lesson and even had a lot of similarities to David's story. So at this point, the spirit was just so strong. Elder Shurtz and I both recognized it and invited David to pray and ask his Father in Heaven if these things were true and if he should be baptized. He agreed and said a beautiful prayer. After the prayer we all took some time to listen to the prompting of the Holy Ghost and then we extended the invitation of baptism to David and he agreed. He said he still isn't sure on an exact date but that it will be soon! Such an amazing experience!

I'm really loving Talladega and all the people here. This past week was really great and I'm really excited for all this week has to hold! 

And I hope you all have a great week as well! 


Elder Honn 
Steadfast in Christ! 

Pic: Service for an investigator! We replaced all of her wooden fence pole. They had become rotten in the ground and about two feet had broken off into the ground so we had to dig them up, pull them out, and replace them. This wouldn't have been too bad normally except for the fact that we were dealing with Alabama red clay which is basically cement when its dry. So with this piece in particular, we had to douse the ground in hot water to even be able to wiggle it. And I just ended up getting on the ground and using every ounce of muscle in my body to pull this out of the ground. It took quite a while and became personal so when I actually got it out, I was pretty happy:) 

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