Monday, January 11, 2016

Coming Closer to Christ Every Day -January 11th, 2016

Hey! I hope yall had a good week! 

This week was good! Elder Shurtz and I are getting a long really well and have been able to do some good work. I've said this before but he's a really good missionary! He has so much personal motivation with everything in life and is also a very good teacher. So put those together and you get a very solid missionary that I'm very happy I have the opportunity to serve with and learn from. 

Talladega is doing very well as well. We are still doing a lot of less active finding which has been really good. We've had some amazing experiences from it and have seen some success! 

Other than that, it's just been a regular week!  We had Zone training this week which was good and after zone training we had a pretty amazing experience that I'll share real quick! 

But before I do, i want to explain a thing we do in the great ABM. In this mission we have this thing called Emmaus experiences. If any of you know the story of Emmaus you will probably understand and if you don't then I invite you to open up the scriptures and learn for yourself. The story is in Luke 24:) But basically an Emmaus experience is when we realize and notice a time when Christ was walking with you. So in this mission we always try to notice these experiences in our lives and share them with other missionaries regularly in meetings.

Anyways, we had just gotten some food after the meeting and decided to do some store contacting. We walk into this store and instantly a worker starts talking to us. We end up talking to this guy for like half an hour and during this time he expresses how he has really been wanting to come closer to Christ and has been trying to find a way to turn his life around for a while. He said that when he saw us come in the store it was like a sign from God that he was doing the right thing. As he went on to tell us about his life it was amazing to hear all the things he had gone through and how he developed this desire to be closer to Christ and live a better life. And at the end of our conversation, there was a little bit of silence and he just started smiling and asked us if we were even real. At first we didn't understand and said of course we were real and he responded with saying that we couldn't be real and that we had to be angels because of how much he needed us at that time. Amazing! 
Sadly, he didn't live in our area so we gave his info to the other Elders for them to teach him and hopefully they will also be playing basketball with him today! That was such an awesome Emmaus experience for me and I was so grateful for the blessing that heavenly father gave us of connecting our paths and letting us help this awesome guy. 

So yeah, that was one really cool experience we had this week that I thought I'd share with y'all. 
And along with it I'd like to extend the invitation to everyone to try to notice those Emmaus experiences in your own life and notice when Christ was walking with you. I know that if you do, it will strengthen our testimony even more and that you relationship with Christ will become so much more personal. 

I love you guys, and hope you all have an amazing week! 


Elder Honn 
Steadfast in Christ! 

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