Monday, September 21, 2015

When Weeks Fly By...Email Quality Drops. -September 21st, 2015

Whats up y'all?? I hope you all had a great week! 

Just like the subject says, the weeks are starting to fly by quicker and quicker so its really becoming harder for me to remember all the many things we do, all throughout the week! Haha so as a result my emails may become less detailed about each day, the longer I've been out... so i apologize for that! But i'm always going to try my hardest to write the best weekly emails and to help you guys understand my experiences, and what it's like being a missionary in Alabama! 

I may not remember everything that we did throughout the week right now but i know it was a really great week! I'm still learning so much and I wake up everyday eager for what the Lord has to teach me that day.  

Something that has stuck out to me this week is all the lessons we've had this last Sunday about Pride. I've really loved all the lessons and discussions that we've had about this topic. Pride has been something that's been on my mind since the MTC and something that I think we all can struggle with at times. Whenever something good happens, i think its natural to instantly give yourself credit and become prideful. But that's exactly when you should do the exact opposite and turn to the Lord in gratitude and humbleness. Since I've been out I've occasionally caught myself thinking something like "I just gave a great lesson" or "i'm gonna have a baptism" and i have to stop and remember that everything that "I" do is not actually myself. The Lord is the one blessing me and using me as a tool to perform his work and bless the lives of others. The Lord could easily do this work without missionaries, but he loves us so much that he lets us be his tools and lets us learn how to truly become meek and humble. Its amazing. 

I've been told a lot that as a missionary, one of the most important things you can learn is how to forget about yourself and be humble. And I'm no where close to where I should be but I've been blessed to experience this principle, in a small amount, already in my mission. What I've come to realize, is that whenever i let the work consume me and forget about what I want, Is when we get the best work done and the Lord best uses us to bless peoples lives and guide us throughout our day. A phrase that's used a lot in this mission is "Always have your arrows out". Basically this means to always be thinking about others, because when we have our arrows in we're only thinking about ourselves and aren't nearly as good of missionaries. 

And this principle applies to life outside of being a missionary also! When we stop thinking so much about ourselves, and exert our attention to serving others, is when Heavenly Father can truly bless us. This can be hard, and its something that I work on every single day, but I know that as we at least strive to overcome the natural man, and make an effort to be Christlike that he will acknowledge our efforts and bless and strengthen us in our effort as well. 

Something that's helped me is first always remembering that EVERYTHING good comes from Heavenly Father. When we realize that He is the base of all goodness in our lives, its a lot easier to be humble and to focus on subduing our pride. 

The definition of "Pride" is "a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements". 
The thing that sticks out to me in that definition is "one's own achievements". Are they really our achievements? No. None of those achievements would have been possible without His hand in our lives, helping us to gain those achievements. Because truly, all that we have comes directly from Him. And when we think about that and apply that into our lives it becomes a lot easier to be more selfless and overcome the pride of the natural man. 

I bare testimony of the importance of this in each and every one of our lives. 

Now for some random things that i thought i'd tell you guys:) So I've been wanting to tell you about this since i got here but i always forget! The elder that i shared my bunk with in the MTC was awesome. His name is Elder Ah Sue and we instantly bonded because he has family in Laie that live right next to the temple. Something even more crazy is that he was called to serve in the Boise, Idaho mission! He's Spanish speaking so he was there longer than i was, but he should be out now. He's Polynesian looking, like 6'4" and is just the nicest guy ever. So if anyone see's him walking around or if he knocks on your door, or if he's even in your ward, show him some love and maybe feed him or give him some water or something haha cause he deserves it! 

So last week I told you guys that i was going to start cutting hair and become the freshest barber in the mission. Lets just say i'm on the path to doing so! This past week I cut five peoples hair and they all loved it! I've given two elders some pretty fashionable haircuts and they look really good! Elder Anderson was one of them and he absolutely loves it. It's been a lot of fun! 

I had more random tidbits to tell you guys but i forgot what they were haha so they'll have to wait till next week! 

I love you guys so much and hope you all have an amazing week! 

Sincerely, Elder Honn

The Hunstville Zone (Group of missionaries assigned to the Hunstville area)

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