Monday, September 14, 2015

Adventures at Unclaimed Baggage and The Temple -September 14th, 2015

Whats up guys!:) How is it already p-day again?? Holy cow! 

This week obviously flew by and to be brutally honest, I can't remember specifically what happened each day... and I forgot my journal/daily planner so this weeks email is going to be a bit shorter and a little different! 

On Thursday I had the immense pleasure to be able to attend the Birmingham, Alabama temple. It was an amazing experience. The temple is pretty small but it is so beautiful. It was such an amazing thing to be able to be around other missionaries and to be able to serve the Lord and his children in the temple, all together. I absolutely love the temple and ever time I get to go the spirit is so strong and it provides so much peace and light in my life. Lucky for me, we're fortunate in this mission to be able to attend the temple every three months. Which is amazing and very unique to our mission president. It is such a huge blessing and something that will be a strength and light for me all throughout my mission. 

Then on Friday we had our district meeting and after we went to this shop called Unclaimed Baggage. I can't remember if I've talked about unclaimed baggage before so ill explain exactly what it is. So basically it's a shop where all the baggage that goes unclaimed, all throughout the country, at airports gets bought by this store and others stores similar to it. I'm not sure if it's true but I've been told this is the only one in the country! So anyways while I was there I stumbled upon a gem... I was looking for a black suit jacket and I found something way better.... Anyone heard of the brand Hugo Boss before??;) That's right, I found a black Hugo Boss suit! It's Super black and I looked it up and it's an $800 suit....and guess how much i got it for.....freaking $75!! That's what i'm talking about! haha plus its brand new (still had the tags) and it fits perfectly like holy cow, the pants and the jacket!! Plus its slim fit! ahh if you can't tell, i'm so happy about it haha! Just one of the many blessing that come from being a missionary i guess;) 

haha I apologize for sharing that unspiritual experience but I just had to brag a little bit and share my excitement:)
After that we had the opportunity to teach a lovely lady named Lidianne and her family (mowed her lawn a couple weeks ago). We had a straight up phenomenal lesson with her, and she was really into the Book of Mormon and the fact that Christ also visited the Americas. A lot of the info was communicated in Spanish (because she spoke Spanish better than English so we brought some Spanish elder with us) so I didn't necessarily understand everything, but the Spirit was incredibly strong. It was amazing because they just loved everything we taught! It was a really great experience and we have a return appointment with her this week:)

Like I said earlier and in my last email the weeks are starting to fly by! This week i'll have been in Alabama for a month...So crazy. But I love it so much. I'm really getting adjusted and Alabama is really starting to feel like my home. Even our little apartment in Gurley, Alabama is starting to have a special place in my heart:) 

We've been finding and teaching a lot of people and i'm starting to really get comfortable talking to anyone and everyone wherever we go, which is pretty weird if I wasn't a missionary. The thing that I've come to learn is that I don't really have an issue with being rejected. Which is a huge blessing! Because I've already had some pretty bad rejections haha! But it just doesn't really phase me! I don't really know why but it's really helped me to adjust to talking to everyone because when you think about it the worst thing they can say is no! And then you move on and go talk to someone else! And down here in the south it feels like everyone has their own religion already. Which can be hard at times. But the good thing is that a lot of people are willing and wanting to talk about Jesus, even if they aren't willing to learn about the LDS church. And I've met a lot of really good people, of different religions, that have taught me some amazing things. Which has really opened my eyes.  

Anyways this email was a little all over the place and unorganized so I apologize for that, but I hope you were all able to get something out of it. I'll try my hardest to be more organized and take notes about stuff that i'd like to tell you about each day. 

I love all you guys to death, and hope you have an amazing week:)


Elder Honn

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