Monday, June 12, 2017

Archibald the Duck -June 12th, 2017

Hey hey hey! I'm back:) Another weekly email for y'all!

This past week was good! We were able to stay relatively busy and get quite a bit accomplished! We spent the week mainly finding and we had some success this week. We found a handful of new people to start teaching so we're excited to see where it goes!

We met this awesome new part member family as well! The wife is a member her husband is not. We met them the first week I was here and I was so excited because he had a modified Volvo sitting in the drive way! We talked to her though and found out that he wasn't home but she wanted us to come back. So we texted them this past week and found out that they needed help building a swing set! So we went over and helped him build a swing set for his three kids. He's an awesome guy and we were able to talk a lot about cars and what he's done to his Volvo. We ran out of time and had to get to an appointment but he told me he'd take us for rides this Friday when we go to their house for dinner! I'm pretty excited. I'll try to take a pic of it to show y'all. He's done a ton of work to it.

We also had an exchange in Birmingham area this week and while we were down there I decided that I had to go see one of my favorite families from my mission, the Morris's, one more time before I leave Alabama. So i dropped in an surprised them! It was so cool to see them again. I'm so grateful to have met them and served in their ward, even if it was just for six weeks!

While on this exchange I had an interesting experience... with a duck hahah
Archibald the Duck, the be specific... at least that's what I named him! haha so during lunch we went to walk around the lake next to their apartment and I found a baby duck that had been left behind from its mother. I searched high and low to find the family before I picked it up but couldn't find them anywhere. So I scooped him up and carried him around the lake to try to find his family. I found a family of ducks but it turned out not to be his as they attacked him and I had to save him again haha the other ducklings were a bit bigger so it made sense. We couldn't find his family so we took him inside and put him in a box as we try to decide what to do. We decide to go to the computers to try to research how to take care of an abandoned duckling. The results proved to be way to complex for a missionary so we had to make the sad decision to just let him back go around the lake and let him fend for himself. It was sad, and hard because we had all gotten attached to him at this point haha. Good thing we had Elder Furgeson with us to document the whole thing lol pics will be attach! Along with other random pics from our week + more pics from the Alabama Stadium tour​​:) enjoy!

haha that's all I've got to report on for this week... till next Monday! Love y'all!

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