Monday, October 24, 2016

Cans, Cans, and More Cans! -October 24th, 2016

We meet again! Another Monday, another week of serving the Lord and the people of 'Bama.

I'm going to start by being honest and saying that I'm exhausted right now. This past week just drained me for some reason! 

We had transfers on Tuesday that we had to take some elders to and do some other random stuff to go along with everyone moving around. Everything went smoothly and we're excited for the upcoming 6 weeks. 

Ever since I've been in Prattville, we've been volunteering at an Interfaith Food Bank. I love this place and this last week we went twice to try to get some stuff done. We're working on dating and sorting around 7,000 pounds of cans! The people that work at this Food Bank are amazing. They're all so kind and loving and it's an amazing environment to be in. It's amazing when people from all different kinds of religious backgrounds can come together and work to help the less fortunate in the community. I have such a massive testimony of service and all the good it can do and I'm very grateful for all the opportunities we're given to serve as missionaries! 

As far as our investigators go, things are going well! We have a handful that are progressing very well. We're working with quite a few part member families which has brought some amazing blessings. I honestly wish I would have known the things that I know now at the beginning of my mission. I could have done so much more for the wards if I had known other forms of missionary work than just tracting. I guess that's why missions are two years though, so that we can learn and figure everything out and along the way forget about ourselves and come closer to Christ in so many ways! Missions are pretty cool. 

Not much else happened this week so that's all I've really got to report on! 

I love y'all and will talk to you more next Monday

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