Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Never Stop Repenting! -January 3rd, 2016

Hey everyone! 

Happy New Years! I hope you all had an amazing holiday season and stayed safe as well. 

Elder Coleman and I had another great week here in Prattvllle (not a spelling mistake... that's how people here pronounce it haha) We were able to go on two exchanges this week with both the Millbrook elders and the Wetumpka elders.

Both exchanges went really well. While I was in Wetumpka, I was able to be there for their basketball night and it was a huge turnout! We had at least thirty people packed in that gym and it was a ton of fun. Felt really good to play again! 

Besides that, the rest of the week was really good! Elder Coleman and I have been doing quite a bit of finding and we've met some great people. It's been a great transfer! We'll get transfer info this weekend so we'll see if we stay together another or if someone leaves! 

Something that I wanted to talk about today comes from a handful of different meetings, trainings, and talks that I've heard this past week leading up to New Years. For as long as I can remember there had been this idea that the New Year is the time that you try to make resolutions and change for the better. Which is not a bad thing at all! I think the negative effect comes in when we think that New Years is the main/only time that we can make major changes. Which is very false.

Something that my mission has taught me is that the best way to repent is constantly. Repentance means change. So basically when we wait till New Years to make our resolution and change, we're procrastinating repentance. And that's not the best thing...

So my challenge to you, just like the title says, is to never stop repenting! Repentance is the key that God has given us to grow and become more like him. So use it! And if you need to make a New Years Resolution then I'd recommend making the resolution to never stop making resolutions haha! If that makes sense... 
I promise that our Father in Heaven will bless us if we truly humble ourselves enough to the point of realization that we NEED to constantly be repenting. And i also promise that our Heavenly Father loves each one of us enough to build us up and support us in our righteous resolutions! He makes all things possible. 

But yeah, that's pretty much all i've got for this week! I'll attach a picture of our New Years here with Brother Brother Bucannon and the Millbrook Elders. Don't worry, it's welch's;) 

Love yall!

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